Rebar (MA RI)

What is rebar?

Rebar is a steel bar that is used to help concrete withstand tension since the 15th century. There are many different types of rebar, but Carbon Steel Rebar is the most common type. Carbon Steel Rebar is more prone to corrosion than the others, so some more resistant alternatives are Epoxy-Coated rebar and Galvanized Rebar both of which are more expensive but able to withstand more extreme conditions. Our bars range from #3 to #18 in imperial bar size. As for estimates, we have a dedicated expert staff located in MA that will make cost estimates based on the pre-engineering drawings you provide us with. Our estimators remain knowledgeable on the current material and production costs which ensures that we can provide accurate bidding and saving you money. We have trained draftsmen that build on our customer’s drawings using state of the art software to create shop drawings. We are able to receive and send your specifications electronically which cuts expenses and improves our turnaround time. We utilize automated shear lines and bending machinery to fabricate. We have many in-house delivery trucks to ensure smooth and fast service to meet your fabrication and delivery needs.

epoxy coated rebar

How to Buy Rebar in MA or RI

Whaling Iron offers high quality Rebar in a variety of sizes and shapes for various uses in the MA or RI area. If you would like to buy them or have some questions, please contact us at (508)994-2652.